2019 Attendee Testimonials

Talking to other providers and other practices and understanding what the norm is for them going beyond things like regional tendencies and geographic tendencies and finding out, “What is your no-show rate?” or “What is your policy for free consultations?” and really just getting to network with people who are doing a lot of the same treatments… and finding out what is life like for them on a daily basis that maybe your local competitor’s not going to want to open up and share. There’s no shortage of events for people in this space to go to: you could make it a full-time job just going to conventions in Orlando and Las Vegas. How you spend your time is very important and I think this is one of those events where I would carve out time to go to specifically just because of the uniqueness of it.

- Michael Zanetti, Limited Partner, Erasable Inc, Tampa, FL

My experience has been incredible. We have our whole team here like nurses, manager, a few of our administration staff, so it’s really fun to have our whole crew here and see what everyone is taking away. This is amazing because it’s a medical spa show, for us. People that do this all-day, every day versus going to a massive show for doctors and surgeons and a little bit for medical spa. This is all about us, and it feels liberating.

- Betsy Schuh, Practice Manager, Destination Aesthetics, Sacramento, CA

One of the nice things about this show is it’s focused on medical spas and any other show I’ve ever been to has really not. So the networking opportunities at this show have been fantastic just from the opportunity to talk to other people who do what I do versus plastics surgeons or dermatologists, which, there’s nothing wrong with them, but they’re just running a different type of business. I would definitely recommend this to people in the med spa industry. I think coming to this event versus anything else that I’ve ever been to, it’s just much more relevant to what I do on a day-to-day basis.

- Chris Bailey, Owner, Ovation Med Spa, Houston, TX

There’s no bad speaker, everybody here is great and you’re going to learn something from every single class and have something to take away.  My biggest takeaway is that I still don’t know a lot. You think you know a lot until you start mingling with people in the industry and other people who have been doing this longer than you, seeing what services other people offer.

- Tonya Dubois, PA-C, Dermal Solution, Texarkana, TX

As a creator of the Robb Report Health & Wellness division and a major participant in planning the Health & Wellness Summit, I am also familiar with what it takes to put on an event of this kind.  Within this context, I would like to say that the logistics, facilities and food were excellent.  Even more important, the quality of the presenters and the content was dramatically better than almost any industry event that I have attended over a 40+ year career.  Congratulations American MedSpa Association!  I look forward to next year. 

- John C. Anderson, Ph.D, Strategic Marketing Consultant, Novo Sano

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The medical spa show 2019 Highlights

Did you make it to Las Vegas for The Medical Spa Show 2019? We had a great time and whether you made it or not, we hope to see you at MSS 2020!

See some highlights from the show below, and if you have pictures you want to share, post them on social with the hashtag #MedSpaShow2019!


AmSpa’s CEO, Alex Thiersch, presented to over 900 medical spa professionals about the current state and legal landscape of the medical spa industry.


According to AmSpa's 2018 State of the Industry Report, 82% of industry professionals have been in the industry for less than 10 years! The industry is young and people are flooding into the market.


80% of med spa facilities are a single location, and of the remaining 20%, most have no more than 2-3 locations. This is an industry of mom-and-pop stores where you can open up and make a difference, and it's one of few industries that you can succeed and flourish just on your own!


Allergan sponsored the Members-Only reception, where AmSpa members networked and traded notes about their experience in the industry. AmSpa’s membership network has grown to over 2,000 members, and we were very excited to meet new members and our super fans!


AmSpa’s Glam Celeb Duo, Dr. Sheila Nazarian and Glam RN, greeted guests on the red carpet at The Opening Night Party. 


AmSpa attendees fiercely competed in the app game for a chance to win luxurious prizes including 2 Gucci Bags, a Louis Vuitton bag, an iWatch, an all expenses paid trip MSS20 and an all expenses paid trip to the Next Level! event – courtesy of AmSpa.


The Social Media Glam Stars met their super fans after the Social Media panel, “How to Gain Thousands of Social Media Followers and Why It’s Important”


What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas … and some attendees have the AmSpa tats to prove it!

We loved having you, and we'll see you again next year at #MedSpaShow2020, Jan 31-Feb 2, 2020!