The Medical Spa Show offers three full-day pre-show education tracks. These tracks require additional registration, so be sure to add the ticket option to your Medical Spa Show ticket purchase. If you have already registered for The Medical Spa Show, you may still sign up separately for these tracks.

CEO Training: Growing Your Medical Spa in 2019 and Beyond

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Galderma Full-day Injectable Training

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Full-day Microblading Training

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General Session (Level 3 - Primrose Ballroom)

8-8:20am | Welcome: State and Legal Landscape of the Medical Spa Industry

Speaker: Alex Thiersch, JD,

Founder and Director of the American Med Spa Association

The medical spa industry has become an industry unto itself that needs its own definition, its own resources, and its own data. It can no longer be considered a subset of plastic surgery or cosmetic dermatology, especially because more than 70% of the doctors in this industry are non-core. And while there is a growing overlap with the spa industry in terms of customer service and marketing, medical spas have vastly different price points, more advanced available technology, and unique legal and regulatory challenges. It is an industry that, by itself, generates nearly $4 billion in revenue a year; that has doubled in size during the past five years; and that projects to double again by 2020 is clearly worthy of its own categorization.

8:20-8:50am | The Future is Now: Discover Why Millennials are Desirable and Necessary for Any Thriving Aesthetic Practice

Speaker: Sheila Nazarian, MD,

Nazarian Plastic Surgery, Spa26, The Skin Spot, and Nazarian Institute

Beverly Hills, California

Learn tips and tricks from the incredibly successful and trend-setting plastic surgeon, Sheila Nazarian, MD, on how to attract and maintain the Millennial patient.

8:50-9:20 | Evolution of the Modern Medical Spa Ecosystem: Where We Are Now and Where We're Headed

Speaker: Tim Sawyer

President and Co-founder of Crystal Clear Digital Marketing

It's no secret that the current medical spa and aesthetic space is growing at an exponential rate with no signs of slowing down. Discover the evolution of modern consumer behavior, and the marketing transitions that must take place in every aesthetic practice to attract, convert and retain a future patient base with an unlimited shelf life.

9:30-10am | How Subscription Memberships Can Put Your Medical Aesthetic Practice on the Fast Track for Success

Speaker: A. Jay Burns, MD

Medical Director, EpiCentre and Dallas Medical Skin Solutions, Dallas, Texas

Learn from one of the top plastic surgeons in the country about how subscription models for your medical aesthetic clients can result in quick profitability for your business and quality treatment outcomes for your patients

10-10:55 am | Panel - The Future is Now: Aesthetic Visionaries of Today Talk About the Med Spas of Tomorrow

Moderator: Alex Thiersch, JD, Founder and Director of the American Med Spa Association

Panelists: Sheila Nazarian, MD; Tim Sawyer, Crystal Clear Digital Marketing; and A. Jay Burns, MD

Breakout Sessions (Plaza Level, Orovada Ballroom)

Business Track

1-1:25pm | The Most Profitable Services for Your Medical Spa

Speaker: Terri Ross,

Managing Partner, Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center

Beverly Hills, California

Discover the core fundamental treatments that have high consumer demand, and that yield incredible patient results and revenue. These are the treatments you must have on your menu!

1:30-1:55pm | Building a Brand By Offering Only One Treatment

Speakers: Carmen Vanderheiden Brodie and Phil Marandola,

The Finery

Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Maine

In this session, learn how to grow your medical aesthetic brand by offering a niche treatment. Carmen and her team built an incredibly successful tattoo removal business, Tataway, and it later evolved into The Finery. Find out her main lessons learned, as well as tips and tricks to enjoy this growth for your business.

2-2:25 pm | How to Hire the Best People

Speaker: Bryan Durocher

Founder and President of Durocher Enterprises

Hire right the first time so you can manage with ease. This informative session will provide you with the essential tools to build and maximize your team’s potential.

  • Discover key interview techniques to determine which people are right for you.

  • Learn a fool-proof three-step interview process.

  • Learn how to set clear expectations and boundaries right from the start.

This program is a must for any medical spa leader who wants long-term retention and to take their business to the next level.

2:30-2:55 pm | Promote or Part Ways: How to Manage Challenging Patients

Speakers: Bryan and Suzanne Munshower, RN,

Beauty Marx

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

It is inevitable that you will have patients with unrealistic goals or who are disruptive to your practice.  Learn how to identify a risky patient during the consult, enable a graceful exit and identify opportunities to turn a troubled relationship around.

4-4:25 pm | The 5 Miracles That Must Occur to Bring Patients Into You Practice … and to Keep Them Coming Back

Speaker: Tim Sawyer,

President and Co-founder of Crystal Clear Digital Marketing

Several factors exist that separate average aesthetic practices from the great ones. There must be strong leadership, a commitment to growth, effective marketing strategies in place and a world- class service culture that is consistently kept throughout. Discover the five steps of online lead conversion, and learn why your staff plays the most important role when converting a new opportunity into a long-term, paying patient.

4:30-4:55pm | Integrating Technology Into Your Consultation and Practice: Why You Should and How To Do It

Speaker: Justin Harper, MD,

Juvly Aesthetics

Ohio, New York, Florida

Some of the most important parts of a successful medical spa business are the systems used to learn, grow and scale. In this session, Dr. Harper will share the five steps he took to incorporate technology into his practice that has allowed him to scale to 11 locations and more than 30 providers in three years. Learn how to implement these in a successful and relatively low-stress way.

Clinical Track

1-1:25pm | The Science Behind IV Therapy

Speaker: Steven F. Weiner, MD,


Grayton Beach, Florida

In this session, Dr. Steven F. Weiner will discuss the commonly used ingredients in IV therapy treatments, including the history and science of IV therapy. Indications and clinical outcomes will also be addressed, and a video demo will be shown.

1:25-1:55pm | Restoring a Youthful Face With Injectable Matrix

Speaker: Stanley Okoro, MD, FACS

Amachi Med Spa

Atlanta, GA

Discover new and innovative techniques using adipose matrix to restore your patients’ youthful looks from Stanley Okoro, MD, FACS. In this can’t-miss talk, Okoro shares insights into this brand-new technique on how to utilize adipose tissue to give patients’ the looks they are seeking.

2–2:55pm | Revolutionize Your Practice with Radiofrequency (RF) Technology

Speaker: Dianne Quibell, MD

Tighten skin through soft-tissue coagulation, minimize facial wrinkles and temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite with RF technology. Learn from Dianne Quibell, MD, about the benefits of RF technology and why it’s a must-have for any medical spa looking to perform in-demand aesthetic treatments.

4-4:55pm | Illuminating Medical Aesthetics: Advanced Applications of Low-Level light Therapy in Clinical Practice

Speaker: Patrick Johnson,


It is common knowledge that light therapy, using deeply penetrating red wavelengths, can activate fibroblasts, increasing collagen and elastin production to effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles. But did you know that low-level light therapy (LLLT) utilizing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is based on NASA research, and has been proven to treat and heal wounds, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, and increase micro-circulation from the surface of the skin to 25 mm below? With no little or side effects, LEDs can be used as a stand-alone, or as an adjunctive treatment, following most medical aesthetic and surgical procedures to enhance outcomes and decrease patient downtime. This presentation will supply an understanding of the science and technology related to LED technology and how to successfully integrate light therapy in a medical aesthetic practice.

Legal Track

1-1:25pm | Laws and Regulations in the Medical Spa Industry: What You Need to Know

Speakers: Bradford E. Adatto, JD, and Michael S. Byrd, JD,


This presentation will focus on how the ownership, supervision and delegation, and operations of medical spas has challenged the medical aesthetic industry, as the laws have historically been misunderstood or ignored. This session includes real-world enforcement examples and pinpoints sources of risk affecting medical spas and other aesthetic centers.

1:30-1:55pm | MSO Structure: How Can a Non-physician Own a Medical Spa Legally?

Speakers: Jay D. Reyero, JD, and Michael S. Byrd, JD,


This presentation will focus on the corporate practice of medicine doctrine, and medical and nursing board regulations about the ownership and operations of medical spas, which has historically been misunderstood or ignored. Learn about real-world enforcement examples, sources of risk affecting medical spas, and how to compliantly own and operate medical spas as non-medical providers.

2-2:25pm | Want to be a Medical Director at a Medical Spa? Beware

Speakers: Renee E. Coover, JD, and Jay D. Reyero, JD,


The aesthetic medicine environment has become an attractive option for physicians looking for more lucrative and flexible jobs. However, being an owner and medical director in a medical spa or aesthetic center is not always the “easy” path physicians envision. This presentation will explore the opportunities, the obligations and the risks associated with becoming a medical director in a medical spa setting. The discussion will focus on the different laws and regulations that intersect to govern the ownership, supervision and delegation aspects of the medical director role.

2:30-2:55pm | Top 5 Reasons You’re Going to Get Investigated

Speakers: Bradford E. Adatto, JD, and Renee E. Coover, JD,


It's important for medical spas to be aware of problems that could cause them to come under investigation. This presentation will focus on the top five ways these investigations will be triggered and emphasize ways to maintain compliance. With the ever-increasing scrutiny in the medical spa industry, you must be prepared.

4-4:25 | Who Can Do What? Basics of Supervision and Delegation in a Med Spa

Speakers: Michael S. Byrd, JD, and Renee E. Coover, JD,


Inventions of new noninvasive cosmetic devices and products outpace the state law and the laws of the boards of medicine, nursing, and cosmetology. Consequently, determining a provider’s scope of practice in a medical spa setting is confusing at best. This presentation will outline fundamental concepts to help navigate the boundaries for the scope of practice for the typical providers in a medical spa.

4:30-4:55pm | The FDA Focus: What Do They Really Think About Medical Spas?

Speakers: Jay D. Reyero, JD, and Bradford E. Adatto, JD,


This presentation will highlight the powers the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, its powers to assert control of medical providers, and its powers to trigger an investigation. Owners of medical spas need to pay special attention to the ever-growing marketplace and “off-label use” of drugs and equipment.

Sponsored Education

1-1:25pm | Sponsored Education

Speaker: Lutronic

1:30–1:55pm | Flexibility vs. Affordability: Increase Full Treatment Acceptance

Speaker: Jean Moody,


2–2:25pm | Successfully Combining In-Office Treatments with Comprehensive Skincare Products to Maximize Patient Results

Speaker: Neostrata

2:30-2:55pm | A New Paradigm for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Topical Products

Speaker: Cristin Mercer,

Environ Skin Care/DermaConcepts USA

4-4:25pm | Regenerative Medicine in Aesthetics – Revolutionizing the Future of Skin Rejuvenation with Age-repair Defensins

Speaker: Nikolay Turovets, PhD, DefenAge

4:30-4:55pm | Partnering for Practice Management Success

Speaker: Page Piland,




Breakout Sessions (Plaza Level, Orovada Ballroom)

Business Track

8 - 8:55 am: Panel: Medical Aesthetic Leaders: Lessons I’ve Learned

Moderator: Alex R. Thiersch, JD, AmSpa/ByrdAdatto
Panelists: Shawna Chrisman, Destination Aesthetics; Vic Owoc, Ageless Medical; Marria Pooya, Greenwich Medical Spa; Justin Harper, MD, Juvly Aesthetics, Nicole Strothman, Ideal Image; Devin Haman, Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers

Ever wanted to pick the brains of the best in the business to learn the secrets of their success? Now’s your chance! Don’t miss this incredibly informative keynote panel to get a peek inside the minds of the medical aesthetics industry success leaders.

9 - 9:25 am: Can You Really Make Money With Injectables?

Speaker: Shawna Chrisman, Destination Aesthetics

Cosmetic injectables are the most sought-after treatments in the aesthetic industry. Learn how you can maximize your ROI by leveraging injectables in your practice, and how you can turn your smallest treatment room into the most profitable square footage in your office.

9:30 - 9:55 am: Collaborative Intelligence: 3 Ways Communication Breaks Down During Patient Journeys

SPEAKER: Avron Rubin, CEO, Clarity Multi Location Platform

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Why communication is the foundation to business excellence;

  • What communications will make the biggest impact on your medical aesthetic business;

  • How to build a communication strategy into the DNA of a medical spa’s operations;

  • Challenges for communication in a collaboration environment;

  • The three areas where communication most commonly breaks down; and

  • Strategies for a successful collaborative intelligence environment in your medical spa.

10 - 10:25 am: Paying Your Team the Right Way

Speaker: Dori Soukup, InSPAration Management

There are two significant challenges facing medical spa owners: high payroll costs and low profit margins. Attend this session and discover how to implement a performance-based compensation model so you can pay your team their true worth and plump up your profit line. You will walk away with a plethora of strategies to improve your compensation model and become more profitable.

10:30 - 10:55 am: Choosing the Right Vaginal Rejuvenation System for Your Medical Spa

Learn the best way to cut through the clutter and identify the right vaginal rejuvenation solution for your medical spa by reviewing the options, the number and the trends.

1 - 1:55 pm: PANEL: Medical Spa Trends

MODERATOR: Alex R. Thiersch, JD, AmSpa/ByrdAdatto; PANELISTS: Terri Ross, Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center; Brandon Robinson, Skin, Body, Soul; Christina Imes, Rejuvenate Med Spa; Matt Billingsley, Evolve; Danielle Smith, NP-C, Smith & Popov

Find out the top trends in the medical spa industry as shared by the leading medical spa owners! Take your chance to learn, ask questions and figure out which trends you will be loving and which ones you’ll be leaving in 2019.

2 - 2:25 pm: Operating a Successful IV Therapy Practice

Speaker: Steven F. Weiner, MD, IV Bar 30A

In this course, Dr. Steven F. Weiner will discuss the supplies, staffing, marketing, training, room requirements, and benefits of offering IV therapy in your medical spa or medical aesthetic practice.

2:30 - 3 pm: Purchasing Big Ticket Items for Your Medical Spa

Speaker: Bryan Munshower, Beauty Marx

One of the biggest challenges in a medical spa is procuring the equipment your business needs without going broke. During this session, learn tactics and strategies for purchasing big ticket items for your medical spa.

4 - 4:25 pm: The Ins and Outs of VIP Membership and Loyalty Programs

Speaker: Brandon Robinson, Skin Body Soul

Learn how Brandon Robinson of Skin Body Soul built an entire medical spa on the membership model growing from $0 to more than $100,000 in monthly recurring membership dues. Discover how to build your own membership within your medical aesthetic practice by identifying what can work from a variety of membership examples. 

4:30 - 4:55 pm: Pearls of Purchasing Products

Speaker: Danielle Smith, NP-C, Smith & Popov

In this session, learn how to purchase product for your medical spa while keeping maximum profitability in mind. Learn about how much products really costs, as well as the secrets of company-tiered pricing and other industry secrets.


8 - 8:55 pm: Bio-Stimulating and Autologous Medical Spa Treatments: Stem Cells, Growth Factors and More

Speaker: Suzanne Munshower, RN, Beauty Marx

Stem cells are popping up everywhere. This session will feature a thorough review of the available products and procedures, including how to help your patients separate fact from fiction.

9 - 9:55 am: Body Contouring Tips and Tricks

Speaker: A. Jay Burns, MD

Body contouring is one of the hottest treatments in the medical aesthetics industry. Learn from one of the leading body contouring physicians in the country about cryolipolysis, muscle-building treatments and more!

10 - 10:55 am: Attracting Millennials to Your Medical Spa? No Sweat!

Speaker: Scott Gerrish, MD, Bellini Salon and MedEsthetics

This session helps delve deeper into an understanding hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating, and how it impacts younger patients. Also, learn the different treatment options available to address this condition.

1 - 1:55 pm: Microneedling: An Overview and Demonstration

Speaker: Justin Harper, MD

For those just beginning to explore microneedling or those looking to hone their skills, this session will provide a broad overview of microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy. Modern microneedling has been practiced for decades, yet has just recently come into favor in the medical aesthetic community. This session will also include a step-by-step demonstration of a microneedling procedure.

2 - 2:55 pm: Microblading Trends and Techniques

Speaker: Maegen Kennedy, PA-C, Fleek Brows Microblading Training

Discover tips and techniques to a successful microblading procedure. Fuller eyebrows through microblading are here to stay, and patients are seeking highly qualified, safe environments to have this procedure done. Learn how to successfully screen patients for this procedure, how microblading grew Maegen Kennedy’s practice and much more!

4 - 4:55 pm: The Next Generation of Your Skin with RF Microneedling

Discover how combining radio frequency with microneedling improves skin tone, texture, and stimulates the natural production of collagen with virtually no downtime.


8 - 8:25 am: Becoming a Social Media Giant: 5 Tips to Increase Your Following

Speaker: Shelby Miller, RN, RUMA Medical Aesthetics

Learn how to grow your social media platform, gain and retain followers, and tactfully addict your followers to your brand and skill. Learn to appreciate and take advantage of the power of social media.

8:30 - 8:55 am: 10 Ways To Make Yelp Work For You … For Free

Speaker: Sara Shikhman, Juvly Aesthetics

Yelp reviews are here to stay, but they can be managed. This class will provide you with 10 proven techniques on how to have the best Yelp reviews possible, as well as strategies about what to do if you get a negative review.

9 - 9:25 am: How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Medical Spa

Speaker: Stanley Okoro, MD, FACS

Learn from one of the top doctors on social media, Dr. Stanley Okoro, how social media can impact the growth of your medical spa in a cost-effective, positive way.

9:30 - 9:55 am: A Step-by-Step Approach to Social Media Advertising for the Medspa

Speaker: Samuel E. Peek, Incredible Marketing

Learn how to demystify the social media advertising process so that it becomes an effective and reliable tool that allows medical spas to stand out from competitors in the aesthetic space. Using a case study, Samuel E. Peek will examine advertising goals within the context of various social media platforms, how ads are created within each of those platforms, as well as the process used to create and save target audiences.

10 - 10:55 am: The Power of Social Media in Aesthetics

Speaker: Sheila Nazarian, MD

It is well-known that social media success is a boon to any aesthetic practice, but what are the numbers and return-on-investment (ROI)? And how does it compare to other forms of advertising?

1 - 1:55 pm: PANEL: How to Gain Thousands of Social Media Followers … and Why It's Important

Panelists: Sheila Nazarian, MD; Emerald Gutierrez, RN; Shelby Miller, RN, RUMA Medical Aesthetics; Alexa Nicholls Costa, NP, and Alexandra Rogers, NP, LexRx; Joshua Davis, RN, BSN, Davis Aesthetics

Join several of the most impressive luminaries in the medical aesthetic field to learn how to slay at social media, as well as why it’s important to succeed in this difficult-to-pin-down model of marketing. Bring your questions and learn from the best influencers in the business!

2 - 2:25 pm: Legal Issues and Social Media: What You Should Know

Speakers: Bradford E. Adatto, JD, and Renee E. Coover, JD, ByrdAdatto

This presentation will focus on website and social media issues concerning patient information, including war stories highlighting scenarios that have happened to medical providers throughout the country.  This presentation will cover the basics of HIPAA and the process for compliance from both a state and federal perspective. The session will also highlight the state and federal government on enforcement of privacy rights in the health care industry.

2:30 - 3 pm: Measuring ROI for Marketing

Speaker: Jason Tuschman, RedSpot Interactive

So many medical aesthetic practices don’t understand how to measure ROI in regard to their marketing spend. And yet, it is so critical for a number of different reasons, including increasing  patient acquisition and retention, and tracking what marketing efforts are giving the most bang for your buck. In this session, learn tricks and tips to better measure your marketing ROI.

4 - 4:25 pm: Becoming an Influencer: Sell Your Expertise

Speaker: Dori Soukup, InSPAration Management

Are you competing on price? Compete on expertise instead by becoming an influencer! Attend this session and discover the latest and most innovative ways to improve your positioning.

1.      Speak at your events and generate six figures;
2.      Publish videos, optimize your YouTube channel and become a celebrity; and
3.      Practice authority marketing and draw consumers to you.

Competition is fierce; to compete you have to differentiate yourself to attract high-paying clients to your business. Implement these strategies to gain a competitive advantage, increase traffic and profits.

4:30 - 4:55 pm: Hunting for and Partnering With Micro-influencers to Drive New Patients

Speaker: Jenny Robinson, Skin Body Soul

Quit avoiding the new age of social media influencers and learn how to leverage local influencers to build social trust and brand awareness. Increase patient loyalty and profitability with local influencers within your market for little to no marketing costs.  Instagram is a powerful tool in our industry and should be treated as such. Learn the ins and outs of creating a strong Instagram presence and how to grow an organic dedicated patient base resulting in loyal patients.


8 - 8:25 pm: How to Safely and Effectively Treat Wounds Created in the Medical Spa: Stratamed and Stratacel for Optimum Healing Immediately Post Procedure

Speaker: Stratpharma

8:30 - 8:55 am: 7 Tips to Effectively Promote Aesthetic Services Online

SPEAKERS: Robert Palumbo and Prabhat Dhar, PatientPop

9 - 9:25 am: Clinical and Economic Advantages of Laser Body Contouring

SPEAKER: Dr. Justin Rome, Cynosure, a Hologic Company

9:30 - 9:55 am: MINT: The Next Generation in Non-Surgical Threadlifting

SPEAKER Hans Bio Med

10 - 10:25 am: Introducing GlycoAla, a Groundbreaking Next- Generation Photo Dynamic Anti-aging Skin Care Product

SPEAKERS: Candace Noonan, Dermaconcepts

10:30 - 10:55 am: Melanogenesis: Save Our Sun Damaged Skins

Speaker: Candace Noonan, Environ Skin Care/Dermaconcepts

1 - 1:25 pm: How Start-Up Physicians Built Successful Practices with the Joule Platform

Speaker: Rebecca Gelber, MD, Sciton

1:30 -1:55 pm: Flexibility vs. Affordability: Increase Full Treatment Acceptance

Speaker: Jean Moody, CareCredit

2 - 2:25 pm: Why Influencer Marketing is at a Tipping Point and How to Win

Speaker: Neostrata

2:30 - 3 pm: Vivace™ RF Microneedling: The Next Generation of Your Skin

Speaker: Edward Zimmerman, MD, Aesthetic Biomedical

4 - 4:25 pm: Lead Management and Patient Scheduling Best Practices

SPEAKER: Jason Tuschman, RedSpot Interactive

4:30 - 4:55 pm: Win at Patient Retention in a Commoditized Industry

SPEAKER: Jason Tuschman, RedSpot Interactive


Breakout Sessions (Plaza Level, Orovada Ballroom)

Medical Spa Business 101

8 - 8:55 am: Launching a Medical Spa: Business 101

Speaker: Francis X. Acunzo, Acara Partners

This course will outline the basic business-planning steps necessary to open a successful medical spa or medical aesthetic practice. Starting with concept development, moving onto assessing the marketplace and culminating with the development of a financial plan all as a basis to build a business plan that the bank will finance.

9 - 9:25 am: This Name’s Taken: The Importance of Trademark Law in Your Practice

Speakers: Michael S. Byrd, JD, and Jay D. Reyero, JD, ByrdAdatto

This session will cover the necessity of trademarks in the medical spa industry, and the process of trademarking and protecting your brand.

9:45 - 10:10 am: Roadmap for Introducing a New Treatment

Speaker: Wendy Lewis, Founder/President | Speaker: Wendy Lewis & Co. Ltd. Global Aesthetics Consultancy

Adding a new treatment, product range or device takes careful planning from making the right decision to flawless execution. This talk will cover the essential tactics from setting the stage, to best practices for marketing within your facility and to potential new clients, including digital marketing, social media, events and seminars, special offers, blogs, e-books, and local media outreach. 

10:15 - 10:40 am: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Launched My Start-Up

Speaker: Nikolay Turovets, PhD | DefenAge

As you travel down the path of a start-up, learn from a professional who has been there before. In this session, be inspired by the five lessons that Nikolay Turovets, PhD, has learned during the course of his years in business, ranging from marketing, managing and delegating.

10:45 - 11:10 am: How Photos and Expectation Management Will Help You Succeed or Fail

Speaker: Justin Harper, MD | Juvly Aesthetics

This session will provide medical spa and medical aesthetic owners and directors with a straight-to-the-point presentation about how before-and-after photos and managing expectations will help guide you toward gaining—and maintaining—success.

11:30 - 12 pm: Making Med Spa Menu Magic

Speaker: Terri A. Wojak, True U Education

Creating an effective and understandable menu is one of the cornerstones of a successful medical spa businesses. Learn from industry leader, Terri A. Wojak, how to craft an effective menu to ensure patients are satisfied … and not confused.


8 - 8:25 am: The Anatomy of a $5 Million Medical Spa

Speaker: Emily Tryon, RN/Owner, Esthetic Solutions

What does a $5 million medical spa look like? Learn tips and tricks from Emily Tryon, owner of a million dollar medical spa, how she navigated the rocky roads of business to forge a clear path to a profitable medical spa.

8:30 - 8:55 am: Identifying When and How to Grow Your Medical Aesthetic Business

Speaker: Brandon Robinson, Skin Body Soul

Before you scale your medical spa, you'll need to nail down your systems and operations. This session will guide you through reviewing everything from standards of care, multi-unit economics and training programs that are imperative for growth from a single location to a multi-location juggernaut.

9 - 9:25 am: Medical Spa Franchising Models That Work

Speaker: Devin Haman, Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center

Considering franchising? In this session, learn the pros and cons of franchising as a whole, as well as the franchising models that show the most promise.

9:45 - 10:10 am: Closing the Loop: Valuing and Selling Your Medical Spa

Speaker: Louis Frisina

Learn from one of the pioneers of the medical aesthetics industry about what makes medical spas attractive when they are up for sale. In this session:

  • Learn the characteristics of an attractive medical spa;

  • Discover what your spa is worth – valuation techniques; and

  • See things from a buyer’s POV: What a buyer looks for when purchasing a medical spa.

10:15 - 11:10 am: Next Level Practice Success through Pricing Psychology and Menu Design

Speaker: Rebecca Gelber, MD, Tahoe Aesthetic Center

Discover how the way your patients and potential patients think about dollars and cents should be driving your menu design. Dr. Rebecca Gelber has not only studied this subject in depth, she has made real revenue changes for multiple medical spas based on menu design driven by a psychological understanding of medical aesthetic patients.

11:30 am - 12 pm: Developing a Successful Exit Strategy

Speaker: David Mandell, OJM Group

Owners of medical spas and medical aesthetic practices who plan to sell their business in the future must realize that successful exit strategies begin years before any sale. This short talk will cover key topics in exit planning, including the tension between short- and long-term goals, the three elements of any successful exit plan, how exit planning and business planning interact, and what an ideal exit advisory team looks like.


8 - 8:25 am: Profits That Skyrocket From Retail

SPEAKER: Bryan Durocher, Durocher Enterprises

Retail profits can easily exceed service profits by five times if done correctly. It is possible for a medical spa to sell dollar-for-dollar retail-to-service. In this session, learn:

  • What business skills are a must to be a retail pro;

  • How not to divide your attention and lose sales;

  • What it takes to create the right retail environment;

  • Strong product dialogue that closes sales; and

  • Which retail goals/incentives produce results for staff.

This education is a must for medical spa owners who want extraordinary sales.

8:30 - 8:55 am: Top Tricks and Traits for Successful Sales and Lucrative Relationships

Speaker: Louis Frisina

Learn from this medical aesthetics mogul the most important habits for sales and front desk teams to have in order to increase sales and profitability and become a top priority in patients’ lives.

9 - 9:25 am: Providing Value, Not Discounts

SPEAKER: Terri A. Wojak, True U Education

The word “discounting” should become the equivalent of a four-letter word in your medical aesthetic practice. Learn ways to add value and avoid discounts in order to delight your patients and your bottom line.

9:45 - 11:10 am: The Consultation: A How-to Guide

SPEAKER: Terri Ross, Lasky Aesthetics and Laser Center

Without question, the most important part of a successful medical spa is getting patients in the door and getting them to purchase treatments. In this session, Terri Ross will teach the following.

  • How to make consultations as profitable and useful as possible.

  • What is the mind-set of the consumer during the consultation?

  • The five-star customer experience, from origination to closing.

  • Important phone skills: Listening, probing, objection handling

  • Who should be performing the consultation?

  • Determining whether it should have a price tag.

  • Data points, tracking methods and benchmarks.

  • Consultation demos

11:30 am - 12 pm: How to Host an Incredibly Successful Event

SPEAKERS: Wendy Lewis, Wendy Lewis & Co. Ltd.

What are the keys to an extraordinary event? Wendy Lewis will share step-by-step plans on how to organize and execute a stand-out event that will be well worth the money. Learn how to attract both old and new clients to your party through traditional and non-traditional methods. 


8 - 8:55 am: Understanding the Different Social Media Platforms

Speaker: Shelby Miller, RN, RUMA Medical Aesthetics

Why is social media so vital to your practice? Where do you start?  Who are you trying to target? What should you post? When do you post? In this session, learn all the basic information needed to jump-start your social media platform and set you up for success.

9 -9:25 am: The Essentials: Building a Social Media Platform From Scratch

Speaker: Danielle Smith, PA-C, Smith & Popov

Let’s take it from the top. How do you start? In this session, learn how to break down your social media takeover by examining details, such as strategies, costs, how to build an audience, how to produce and plan content, and much more.

9:45 - 10:40 am: PANEL: Social Media Posting 101: Success Strategies for the Top Social Media Platforms

PANELISTS: Emerald Gutierrez, RN; Shelby Miller, RN, RUMA Medical Aesthetics; Alexa Nicholls Costa, NP, and Alexandra Rogers, NP, LexRx; Phil Marandola, The Finery; Joshua Davis, RN, BSN, Davis Aesthetics

Are you a social media rookie? Learn tips and tricks to start off ahead of the game and above the competition from some of the best in the business. No question is too complicate or too simple to ask this group of social media success stories.

10:45 - 11:10 am: Medical Spa Buzz Words: Creating Click-worthy Content for Social Media

SPEAKER: Emerald Gutierrez, RN

Join the Glam RN as she shares some of the most popular medical spa jargon and buzz words to get your noticed on social media … and beyond!

11:30 am - 12 pm: The Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram

Speaker: Joshua Davis, RN, BSN, Davis Aesthetics

Being successful on Instagram all comes down to being a good storyteller. Learn the top tips and tricks from Josh Davis, RN, BSN a top IG influencer, for getting the most success out of your Instagram efforts.