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February 9, 2018 8:15am-4:45pm

Microblading is one of the fastest growing procedures in non-invasive medical aesthetics. Learn the ins and outs of this high-ROI treatment from Maegen Kennedy, PA-C of Fleek Brows Microblading, one of the best trainers in the field.

Watch the video below to hear Maegen speak with AmSpa Founder/Director Alex Thiersch on what you will take away from this microblading course on the first day of The Medical Spa Show.

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This course includes:

An 8 hour microblading workshop for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, aestheticians, practice owners and HR administrators.

  •  A STEP-by-STEP DEMO on the entire procedure from start to finish
  • In class practice with artificial skin
  • Why add microblading to your office and how to do it well
  • How to make over 8K a week by adding this procedure
  • How to fairly compensate your microblading artist so they don’t leave
  • How to market microblading to gain a patient’s trust
  • Proper selection and how to identify problem patients before the procedure
  • Who is the right fit for this procedure and why
  • How to use microblading as a segway to other cosmetic procedures including facelifts

This course is designed to train you in the microblading procedure. In order to offer this treatment in your practice be sure to meet the legal requirements in your state. For instance, many states view this treatment as tattooing/permanent makeup, and so you would have to obtain that certification from your state. Consult with your local board and/or an attorney familiar with aesthetics to find out what you legally need in order to integrate this into your practice.

One-Day Microblading Course ONLY

Standard Pricing




Microblading Course PLUS Medical Spa Show

Standard Pricing


on-site pricing


Medical Spa Show Microblading Training Agenda

8:15 | Registration

8:30 | Video Demo, step-by-step

9:15 | Practice on artificial skin

10:45 | Microblading 101: Selecting the right patient; How to avoid problems; How to handle problems when they arise; How to make money from microblading

11:45 | Microblading 201: Setting proper expectations; red flags; basic color theory; overview of the best eyebrow patterns and placement

1:00 | LUNCH

1:30 | How your staff should answer questions and screen patients effectively

2:00 | The consult, consents and waivers

2:15 | How to effectively add microblading in facial rejuvenation

2:45 | Maximize revenue when you add injectables

3:00 | Selecting the right person to perform microblading in your office, and how to compensate them fairly so they won't leave

3:15 | How to successfully market microblading

3:30 | Patient flow

3:45 | Adding light therapy to decrease healing times

4:00 | The touch-up process and after-care

4:15 | Supplies required to offer microblading (full list included on what and where to buy)

4:30 | Closing discussions and questions

4:45 | Certificates of attendance

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“Microblading could be the missing link to the largest demographic of loyal patients”

Maegen Kennedy is a Board Certified PA, who earned her Masters of Medical Science in Physician Assistant from Nova Southeastern University. Maegen founded Fleek Brows microblading training and Windermere Dental & Medical Spa located in Orlando, FL. Maegen believes eyebrows are underestimated in facial rejuvenation. A proper eyebrow placement and shape can improve one’s first impression.

Aesthetic medicine fulfills her dreams to instantly improve one’s self-esteem by restoring facial harmony. Rejuvenation looks best when it is subtle, recognized subconsciously and not overdone or “frozen.” She received her clinical training at one of the top 25 Allergan and Galderma accounts in the nation located in Austin, Texas. Maegen travels around the country to collaborate with top plastic surgeons, dermatologists and industry leaders.