Operation Mend

Operation Mend

The Medical Spa Show 2024 is donating $75 of every ticket sold from February 12 - 19 to Operation Mend, with matching donations from AmSpa and ByrdAdatto.  

With your support, in 2023 this totalled a donation of $23,625!

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When soldiers return from their tours of service not all of them return whole. Operation Mend provides advanced surgical and medical treatment, as well as comprehensive psychological-health treatment for post-9/11-era service members, veterans and their families at no cost.

With your continued support, we’ve raised more than $65,000 for Operation Mend since the first year of MSS.

#WalkWithUsOpMend - Specialist Joseph (Joey) Paulk, USA (Ret.) from Health Sciences Development on Vimeo .

“I can’t over emphasize that they saved my life. They did. Operation Mend is an elite unit.”


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Operation Mend produces unprecedented outcomes by creating the best patient experience possible through an innovative and unique model that improves the lives of participants and the lives of their loved ones. This focus on healing the whole family and providing comprehensive care management, coordination, and support eliminates barriers to treatment and ensures everyone participates in recovery. Operation Mend includes caregivers as 100% participants alongside their veterans, the only program doing so in the entire nation.

Over the past 15 years, Operation Mend has provided more than 12,000 overnight stays at hotels, booked over 4,500 flights, performed more than 500 surgeries, and scheduled in excess of 4,000 medical appointments.

“During all my time as an active duty Marine, I never witnessed a more effective, more meaningful, nor more honorable initiative begun in the private sector of our great country.”


Participants in Operation Mend receive personalized care. All treatment, travel, and accommodations are arranged on behalf of and provided to Operation Mend patients and their families at NO COST.

In addition, patients and family members are transported to and from the airport to their hotel, and to their appointments, by an Operation Mend team member.

All patients receive Operation Mend's Gold Standards of Care.

Specialty Services Include (But Are Not Limited To):

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